In Vodnjan or, how some of the locals call it, Dignano, a cute little town close to Pula which to this day kept its medieval look, culture and art enthusiast will find numerous interesting sights and landmarks.

In the center of Vodnjan, there's the Ecomuseum which has a special story because, with its permanent exhibition and genuine products it ''sees as its calling the raising of awarness of the values of the local community's identity  through education, conservation and interpretation of local, natural and cultural landmarks.''

Volunteers from France, Italy and Spain contribute to the Ecomuseum's work as a part of an EVS project. Intercultural dialogue and networking with other european cities and rural   is strongly encouraged and through the volunteers, Vodnjan will tell its story abroad from a first person view.

The story grows from day to day and the association counts around 300 members. Even though they foster tradition, they don't run away from technology. On the contrary, as Dino, the association's president, says, his biggest wish is that the world keeps on developing because in that way the tradition and cultural heritage become even more valuable. In today's world, where everything is made out of plastic, a smile may have a bigger value than any technological advancement.