On the 4th of May 2016, the association ISTARSKO – Ekomuseum from Vodnjan and the City of Vodnjan have signed the contracts for financial backing of the association's projects, which shows the importance and quality of projects which the association runs as a part of its work. From the culture priority area the City of Vodnjan secured 6,000,00kn from the budget for financing programmes ''Poetry book Sfisse/fessure spiragli'', 15.000,00kn for the execution of the ''2. Year of Valorisation of Tradititions'' manifestation and 10.000,00kn for the execution of the ''Development of Ecomusem - traditional Istrian products and crafts'' programme. From the ''Agriculture'' priority area, 40.000,00kn for the backing of the didactic farm project has been secured from the City of Vodnjan's budget.